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When ORGANOBALANCE was set up in 2001, its ambition was to develop the health-promoting effects of lactic acid bacteria ans yeasts for new applications.

Its business operations are based on partnerships with reputable companies in the chemical industry and in the fields of nutrition, animal nutrition, pharma, agriculture and cosmetics. Alongside the joint undertakings between ORGANOBALANCE and partners in industry, research on in-house product concepts was stepped up.

ORGANOBALANCE relies on the biodiversity of natural microorganisms, which are gathered in the company-owned collection of thousands of strains collected and carefully maintained since 1920.

In 2007 we were able to open our second office in Flensburg and thus expand our range of products into the field of process technology. We offer customers the production of small-scale pilot batches and optimisation of process technology.

The research and development company ORGANOBALANCE has become one of the leading technology providers in the field of so called innovative probiotics and we are specialist in the development of yeast production strains for the industrial biotechnology.

ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is part of NOVOZYMES A/S since September 2016.


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